In the past few weeks, you have probably seen blue signs, red signs, and orange signs dotting lawns all across town, encouraging people to vote for Upper Darby School Board. And now, the primary election results are in.

From the field of nine contenders, the top four vote-getters in the May 21st primary election and their total* on both ballots, if applicable, were:

Democratic Candidates Republican Candidates
Rachel Mitchell (2,426 total votes) Maureen Carey (3011 total votes)
Stacey Hawley (2,234 total votes) Rose Conley (2,815 total votes)
Phyllis Fields (1,446 total votes) Earl Toole (2,700 total votes)
Manjit Singh (1,321 total votes) John McMullan (2,242 total votes)

*with 116/118 machines reporting, as of May 22, 2013, according to

In November, these eight candidates will run for four available School Board Director seats. The Republican candidates include three incumbents; all of the Democratic candidates are challengers. Given the recent history in Upper Darby, this is sure to be one of the more highly contested School Board races in recent memory.

To the voting public, UDPC thanks you for participating in this important primary election. The primary sets the stage for the general election in November, and Tuesday’s results promise that there will be a diverse body of School Board candidates to choose from on Election Day, which will be November 5th. We hope that you will continue to turn to UDPC for details about the candidates and their platforms, as the preparations and communications by the candidates will gather momentum in the late summer and early fall.

To everyone who volunteered at the polls, thank you for making the voting process easy and smooth for the citizens of the District. Whether you set up the polls, distributed handouts, welcomed and assisted voters, or tallied up precinct results at the end of a long day, you helped make this election a success for our community.

And to the School Board candidates, thank you for running and volunteering to serve your community in this way. You now have less than six months to convince voters that you are right person for the job – that you will honor your sworn responsibility to safeguard free and appropriate public education for all children enrolled in our District.

The citizens of Upper Darby need School Board Directors who understand the challenges of financing 21st century public education. We need School Board Directors who are knowledgeable about funding formulas for special education, and the importance of developing a strong curriculum that serves all children, regardless of their talents and ability level. And finally, we need School Board Directors who are willing to advocate at the local, state, and Federal levels to protect the school programs that define our District and to secure the financial solvency of our District for years to come.

The stakes are higher than ever for the schools, parents, children, teachers, and taxpayers in Upper Darby. Together, we can make a difference.

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