Who is UDPC?
Upper Darby Parent Coalition (UDPC) is a non-partisan advocacy group for the nearly 12,000 students in the Upper Darby School District. UDPC members are dedicated to ensuring that all children in the district receive an excellent public education. To this end, we are engaged, informed, and advocate on issues that relate to local, state, and federal education initiatives. UDPC also promotes transparency and accountability at all levels of the school board and school district administration.

What are our goals?
• Encourage transparency and accountability at the Upper Darby School District (UDSD) Administration and School Board level.
• Maintain UDSD schools in which academic standards, curriculum and schedules mimic “best practices” and are based on credible educational research.
• Ensure that future proposals to the UDSD School Board are in compliance with state and national education mandates and standards.

What are our strategies?
• Meet on a regular basis to discuss the issues and concerns that matter most to parents and guardians of Upper Darby students.
• Engage all UDSD stakeholders by raising awareness of education initiatives and challenges, and their impact on students and our community.
•  Maintain an active, visible role by attending UDSD School Board and Upper Darby Township Town Council meetings to speak with district leaders about school-related issues.
•  Write to community leaders and elected officials to ensure that the voices of concerned parents, teachers, and students are heard.
• Research UDSD policies and procedures, as well as state and federal education-based legislation.


How can I get involved with UDPC?
For information about how you can get more involved please use the form below: