What is SPP?

AYP is gone and a new measurement tool, the School Performance Profile (SPP), has arrived.

PA Secures Partial Waiver from No Child Left Behind
The Federal mandate of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), implemented in 2001, requires states to show that their public school students are 100 percent proficient in reading and math by the end of the 2013-2014 school year. In Pennsylvania, since the year 2000, the PSSA (Pennsylvania School System of Assessment) results have been the sole measure assessing traditional public schools on their Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) toward that goal.

AYP is out; SPP is in
Beginning in 2011, the Federal government began allowing states to apply for waivers that would exempt them from some conditions of NCLB, such as demonstrating that 100 percent of all students would be proficient or advanced in reading and math by 2014. According to Education Week, as of October 2, 2013, 42 states have received and/or are operating under waivers.

Pennsylvania recently secured a partial waiver. Under the waiver, AYP is gone and a new measurement tool, the School Performance Profile (SPP), has arrived. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education website, “The Pennsylvania School Performance Profile offers a web-based resource for districts/schools to communicate performance results to various constituencies and assist districts and schools in aligning and focusing resources for continuous improvement.”

What types of schools are profiled?
Under the SPP, all public schools – traditional, charter, cyber charter, and career and technical centers – are rated on a 100-point scale, with more than 20 factors contributing to the Building Level Academic Score.
Extra credit points are available for Advanced Achievement indicators.

“This PA School Performance Profile also serves several other purposes:

  • Provides a building level academic score for educators as part of the Educator Effectiveness System as required by 24 P.S. § 11-1123 – Act 82 – 2012;
  • Provides information used in determining Federal accountability status for Title I schools as required by the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act section 1111(h)(1) and (h)2;
  • Informs the public of the academic performance measures of each school, comprehensive career and technical center, cyber charter and charter school in Pennsylvania; and
  • Provides resources to support schools as they seek to improve academic performance.”

As reported in an article by the Delaware County Daily Times, “The School Performance Profile incorporates more indicators of academic achievement that will better show how public schools are performing. Scores are based on a broader range of PSSA and Keystone Exams data, and more than 20 other weighted criteria, such as closing achievement gaps, attendance, graduation and promotion rates, advanced placement and PSAT participation.” (Read the entire Daily Times article here)

For more information about SPP, visit paschoolperformance.org

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