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The Realignment Plan continues to unfold. At the recent School Board meeting (see the latest Blog posting), a parent asked for an update on the curriculum and instruction of the Related Arts in the District’s elementary schools. UDSD includes four subjects under the heading Related Arts: Art, Library Science, Music and Physical Education.

The big news:

Physical Education will now be integrated into Health class, which replaces pure Physical Education class every other week for the remainder of the year.

What does this mean?

As you may know, the elementary schools run on a “Week A” and “Week B” rotation schedule. To date, elementary students have had Physical Education class for 30 minutes during both weeks. Under the new integration model, during “Week A” students will have 30 minutes of Physical Education class; during “Week B” students will have Health class during Physical Education time, instructed in the gym by their physical education and homeroom teachers, integrated with physical education activities that reinforce the Health curriculum.

In case you are fuzzy on the details of how students receive the Related Arts of Art and Music curriculum and instruction, here is a recap, as explained at the January School Board meeting:
Director of Curriculum Martha Menz explained that the instructional time for the Related Arts is shared with another subject (either Science or Social Studies). The time allotment for the Related Art (Art or Music) and whichever of the two other subjects is being taught (Science or Social Studies) totals 60 minutes each week.

The time is evenly divided between the Related Art subject and the other subject during “Week A,” giving 30 minutes to instruction purely in the Related Art and 30 minutes to either Science or Social Studies instruction. During “Week B” the Related Art instruction is blended with either Science or Social Studies instruction, to yield an arts-enhanced blended connection between the content.

Director Menz stated that although that format is generally happening with Music curriculum and instruction, Art curriculum instruction may be more blended during both A and B weeks, because the art-integrated projects take more time to complete than one week’s time permits. Even though other subject content is also being delivered, Director Menz said the students are still getting Art instruction, even though it may be blended with another subject, through the blended projects.

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