Received this email today:

Statement on House SB 1115’s failure in the House
By Ted Kirsch, President, AFT Pennsylvania

“The Pennsylvania House adjourned tonight without taking up Senate Bill
1115, which was amended to include ill-advised charter school ‘reforms’ that
would have removed charter school authority and oversight from parents,
local taxpayers and school boards and given it to the state Department of
Education,” AFT Pennsylvania President Ted Kirsch said tonight.

“Proponents of the charter amendments, which were tacked onto a special
education funding bill with broad and bipartisan support, did not have the
votes to pass SB 1115,” Kirsch said. “It took courage and wisdom for House
members to let SB 1115 died without action at the end of the two-year

“Charter reform is overdue, but giving PDE the authority to hold, amend and
renew charters for multiple charter school organizations would have done an
end-run around local communities. The playing field between district,
charter and cyber charter schools – academically and fiscally – must be
leveled,” he added.

“But SB 1115’s amendments were wrong way to do it. AFTPA members thank House
members for ensuring that the important issues around charter school
governance will have a chance to be considered openly, carefully and with
full public input in the future.”

AFTPA represents 40,000 active and retired public, charter and private
school teachers and staff; college and university faculty and staff and
state employees.

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