From our friends at PCCY:

Your legislator is voting on HB97- a charter school law reform bill – in Harrisburg today.  Call your legislator now and tell them to vote no on this bill! [FIND YOUR LEGISLATOR HERE] While reform is way overdue, HB97 does not improve high quality educational options for students and reduces accountability to taxpayers.


Erodes school district quality by giving failing charters longer to operate.

  • For charters that meet some unstated level of performance, HB97 would give an automatic ten-year extension and forbid school districts from taking action if these schools decline.
  • HB97 would allow mediocre, low performing and other charters in non-compliance to continue to operate for ten years and leave them unaccountable to the districts that fund them.

Hurts parents by making it impossible to compare charter and traditional school performance.

  • HB97 establishes systems of evaluation for charter school performance and teacher evaluation that are separate than those in use at traditional public schools.

Fails to protect students who attend the worst of the charters.

  • The bill does not require quick closure for charters performing worse than the school district.

Includes no taxpayer protections against unaccounted for charter enrollment growth.

  • Taxpayers and parents across the state are affected when charters enroll students without regard to district planning needs or impact on district budgets. Taxpayers foot the bill for this loophole.
  • The bill also fails to apply the system for reimbursement for special education to charters as unanimously agreed to by the bi-partisan, bi-cameral Special Education Funding Commission.

Allows bloated charter fund balances continue to accumulate.

  • While the legislature took action years ago to limit school district fund balances, this bill permits charter schools to accumulate a larger share of their budget in an undesignated fund balance. Charters should not be permitted to sit on heaps of taxpayer funds.

HB 97 is the wrong approach to charter reform. Tell your legislator to vote no on HB 97 today!

Donna Cooper
Executive Director

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