The 2012-2013 school year brought a change in the start and end times for many schools in Upper Darby. Most schools in the district have safety lights instructing drivers to slow down during school hours. However, it seems that some safety lights were not re-timed to coincide with the changes in arrival and dismissal times.
At Highland Park, where the school day now starts at 8:50am, parents noted that the school zone lights stop flashing at 8:45am, even though children are still in transit until 8:50am. Some Highland Park parents also noted that crossing guards were missing at a key intersection twice during the week of October 15th.
Concerned parents emailed various members of the Upper Darby School Board, as well as Superintendent Lou DeVlieger. Their concerns were forwarded to the Upper Darby Police Department, which was unaware that the district had changed many of the schools’ start times.
A representative for the Upper Darby Police Department stated that the township is “working on the light situation” at both Highland Park and Aronomink. If your school needs to have its school zone lights re-timed, please call 610.259.2675.
It should be noted that there are also concerns about the safety lights not being able to be easily reprogrammed to flash during early dismissal days. Although crossing guards are available to help the children after 12:30pm dismissal, most drivers are not expecting to see crossing guards and children at these intersections in the middle of the school day. Reprogrammable safety lights would ensure the safety of all children, particularly those who have to cross highly traveled roads such as Garrett Road, West Chester Pike, State Road, and Burmont Road during early dismissal days. 
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