Review of UDPC accomplishments for 2013-2014:

  1. Small representative group met with new Superintendent and achieved:
    • Building relationship with Superintendent
    • Influencing action on positive PR/Social Media Policy
    • Additional elementary school librarian in 2014-2015 budget
    • Conversation about program equity among schools (discussion about how more detail is needed about programs/policies to begin to identify what inequities exist and then problem-solve to solutions).
  2. Established relationships with community/press (via signage, website, growing email listserv)
  3. Ran “Get out the Vote” campaign for November General Election (September, October), including collecting information from each candidate to publish a voter information blog
  4. Met with Congressman Meehan and UDSD administration to discuss funding (first week in November)
  5. Initiated and facilitated Parent Forum on Safety, hosted by UDSD – November 18th (Community/Safety)
  6. Helped facilitate Susan Reilly Parent Forum on Arts Integration (winter)
  7. Advocated for continued professional development in Arts Integration
  8. Support Fair Funding initiative via UDPC website (March — created info graphic, letter, contacts)
  9. Began discussion with UDSD regarding an Upper Darby Committee for Special Education (in talks, update in August)
  10. Increased activity and reach on Social media
  11. Supported and empowered individuals to take action on issues that concerned them.
  12. Promoted and achieved for the first time parent involvement in the report card committee.
  13. Promoted and realized for the first time parent involvement in UDSD Education Specifications Committee, which will examine the programs in the schools, the related school capacity and school enrollment lines.

Join us Weds., July 23rd at 7pm at Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church (500 Midvale Rd, Upper Darby), for our next meeting and be part of the solution!

At our last meeting we discussed how UDPC accomplishments were outgrowths of UDPC mission and reviewed our mission:
UDPC Upper Darby Parent Coalition (UDPC) is a non-partisan advocacy group for the nearly 12,000 students in the Upper Darby School District. UDPC members are dedicated to ensuring that all children in the district receive an excellent public education. To this end, we are engaged, informed, and advocate on issues that relate to local, state, and federal education initiatives. UDPC also promotes transparency and accountability at all levels of the school board and school district administration. UDPC supports a diverse student body and teaching staff, and promotes safe learning environments and equal educational opportunities for all students in the district.

Reviewed Areas of Focus for 2013-2014:
To try to give people small groups to work on projects, UDPC broke mission into three committee areas of focus – achievement, climate/culture, funding.

Achievement Committee
Chaired by Andrea Gallo (need new chair for 2014-2015)

  1. Advocate for UDSD explanation of curriculum and planned instruction available at each level (Kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school)
  2. Advocate for academic excellence for all students.
  3. Advocate for development of Committee for Special Education (IEPs, 504 Service Plans and GIEPs)
  4. Advocate for Arts Integration support & growth

Community/School Safety
Chaired by Laurie Patterson and Steve Nitz

  1. Advocate for UDSD practices that ensure school safety for students and staff
  2. Advocate for UDSD to provide annotated Code of Conduct online for each grade level and keep current (GS, MS, HS)

Funding Committee
Chaired by Suzanne Briddes

  1. Advocate for State and Federal funding to reduce burden on local taxpayers.
  2. Advocate for transparency/accountability for how UDSD funds are spent/allocated.
    (ex., UDSD should make annotated budget available online.)
  3. Advocate for equitable allocation of resources among the 14 UDSD schools.
  4. Require UDSD Board to explain allocation of district resources to taxpayers — ex. Is there a district funding formula?)
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