Let them know you care

Take action by attending school board and township meetings.

Keep informed and let your voice be heard! Please see the calendar below for upcoming meetings to attend.

Governance of Upper Darby School District is overseen by nine elected officials that make up our School Board of Directors. Legislation and policy for Upper Darby Township is set by eleven elected officials that make up our Township Council. To stay informed about what is happening in Upper Darby School District and Upper Darby Township you can attend any of their monthly meetings which are open to the public.

School Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month (may be adjusted for holidays; at the end of the calendar year, this is changed to the 1st Tuesday of the month). All meetings begin at 7:30pm with various presentations from School District administration, followed by the Board’s work session in which facilities, supplies, personnel, finance, curriculum, and instruction reports are presented to be voted on. Prior to each of these votes, the public has an opportunity to ask questions or comment on a specific report with no sign-in requirement. Next, collateral reports are given by the Board. All School Board reports can be found on the Upper Darby School District website the Monday before the meeting, so you can review them in advance and prepare any questions you want to ask. The reports can be found at:

The public is given an opportunity to address the Board with any questions, issues, or concerns. To speak during this time, you need to sign in before the meeting. The sign-in sheet is posted about 7:00pm, and typically closes about 5-10 minutes before the Board meeting begins. Speakers must live in the district and give their full name and address prior to addressing the Board.

School Board Meetings are held in the School Board Room. Enter by the main entrance.
Upper Darby High School
601 N. Lansdowne Ave
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
(unless otherwise noted).

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Township Council
Township Council meets twice a month: the 1st Wednesday of every month for their committee reports, and the 3rd Wednesday of every month for their regular business meeting. (Frequency and changes to the council meeting schedule occur during the last quarter of the year, which is budget season for the Township.) All meetings begin at 7:30pm. Council’s business meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month typically begin with local announcements and awards presented by the Mayor. This is followed by the public forum. After members of the public have spoken, Council goes through their agenda which normally includes swift adoption of any ordinances read by the Township Solicitor. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend both meetings, although the public may only address Council during their business meeting, not their committee meeting. For the Council’s business meeting, residents can arrive up to half-hour early to sign in and address council with any questions, issues, or concerns during the public forum. Speakers must live in the township and give their full name and address prior to addressing Council.

Township Council Meetings and Council Committee Meetings are held at the
Township Building, 2nd Floor
100 Garrett Road
Upper Darby, PA 19082.

For those driving there is free parking in the municipal lot during meetings.

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  • Your voice matters!
  • You’ll have an opportunity to hear and ask about new policies, proposals, ordinances, and events that impact your school and neighborhood.
  • You can learn and inquire about proposed changes to school and local taxes.
  • You’ll show your vested and shared interest to the local officials who work and serve on your behalf

Our diverse and fast-growing school district and township are constantly changing. Our local government is entrusted with the important task of overseeing our school district and running our township. Decisions that are made at this level directly impact our schools, neighborhoods, parks, and various township services. It can be in everyone’s best interest to stay informed about what is happening locally so we can truly work together and ensure a higher quality of life for our entire community. An easy way to do that is to attend these meetings.