Comprehensive Plan Update

UDSD is developing a new Comprehensive Plan. A recent public notice from the District reads, “The Special Education Plan, which is a component of the District’s Comprehensive Plan, is due to the Pennsylvania Department of Education in November 2016. The Special Education Plan, however, requires an additional approval through the Bureau of Special Education and must be submitted by May 1, 2016.”

Note: UDSD will first present an overview of its Special Education Plan during the March 29th School Board Committee Meetings, which begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Upper Darby High School Board Room.

Please see a link to the Special Education Plan Report here: Upper_Darby_Special_Education_Plan_2016-2019. Copies are also available in the public libraries within Upper Darby School District.

Changes and Highlights
The Special Education Plan Report notes 139 program changes, including changes in program positions and classes. The justification is provided for each change, such as changes to caseloads or changes in the types of classes, e.g., a new autistic support classroom at BHMS. The plan also details the district’s policies on use of restraints, reasons for placements in approved private schools by disability category, a listing of available learning support intervention programs for reading and math, and information about emotional support services currently available, such as two on-site clinics, as well as information about a planned new clinic at the high school. There is also a note about assigning students with low incidence disabilities to general education homerooms: “All students with low incidence disabilities who are attending silo programs throughout the district will be assigned to a general education homeroom. This assignment will provide opportunities throughout the school day for the student to be included with non-disabled peers. IEP teams will work to find these opportunities for individual students to the greatest extent possible.”

Gifted Education Quality Review
In response to questions and information circulating about delivery of Gifted Services, the UDSD posted a notice on its website to explain that the District is working with a consultant to conduct a Program Quality Review and invited the public download the Gifted Education Quality Review timeline, available here: Gifted_Program_Quality_Review.pdf

Note: A new Gifted Education Plan, which is being developed in conjunction with the 2017-2020 Comprehensive Plan, is not yet completed or available for public review. However, questions and comments from the Board and the public will be addressed at the March 29th Committee Meeting at 6:30 PM in the high school board room.

Update: District Management Council
UDSD is continuing its work with the consultant group District Management Council and the School District’s Guiding Coalition Team to conduct diagnostic studies, evaluate best practices, and help create a detailed action plan. To communicate updates, UDSD established a special webpage: No updates have been provided since February 10th.

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