Manjit Singh

1. Please tell us a little about yourself (family, children, where you grew up, educational background, career path, etc).
My name is Manjit Singh (Happy) and I am running for the Upper Darby School Board of Directors. I have been a resident of Upper Darby for the past 22 years and reside in the Cardington area of the township with my wife and three children. Two of my children are currently enrolled in the district, one at Walter Senkow Elementary and another at Beverly Hills Middle School. I am also a small business owner here in Upper Darby. Based on my experience as a parent, community member and business owner, I can see that Upper Darby School District draws its strength from its diverse population, deep sense of community and rich history.

2. Why are you running for School Board?

3. What do you see as the strengths of the Upper Darby community, and separately, the School District?
Like every school district we have our share of problems, however, it is evident that within the Upper Darby School District community people care deeply and are willing to make sacrifices to make the district stronger. I believe our public education plays a major role in shaping our future. Our public education system must model what is best for our youth as they are the key to a successful future for our entire community. To ensure a strong public education we must be committed to providing a high quality education where all children can learn at varying abilities and grow prepared for a life of success. That’s why I am running for school board. We have a vibrant, strong community so we must draw upon that strength and pull together, despite our differences, and enhance our school district.

4. What do you see as areas of concern or needed growth of the Upper Darby community, and separately, the School District?

5. Please talk briefly about what you see as three important priorities for education reform at a policy level and your position on these issues.

6. Please talk about three critical issues you would like to see the School District address over the next couple of years.

7. Is there anything else you would like the voting community to know about you?
We must all look at our public education system as one which affects us all. When a student fails to perform in school, it is actually the failure of the community at large. As your next School Board Director, I will be a passionate member of the board and will not be afraid to ask tough questions. I plan to work with parents and community leaders; building private-public partnerships for the good of our students; being proactive in encouraging community members to be mentors, volunteer at after school programs or even assist in cleaning school yards. We need to work together to make the positive changes that we all envision. I believe that when we solely focus on what’s best for our students, we will see a transformation of our community. I plan to be a part of solution as we work towards bringing our school district to the next level and that’s why I’m running for the Upper Darby School Board of Directors.

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