Phyllis Fields

1. Please tell us a little about yourself (family, children, where you grew up, educational background, career path, etc).
I am married to my husband Bill and have three grown children who were educated in the Upper Darby School system. My family considers Upper Darby our home and are invested in our community and school district.

2. Why are you running for School Board?
I have always been concerned about education and I care greatly for children. I believe that the strength of our community and our country is based on how we provide public education for our children, who are our future.

3. What do you see as the strengths of the Upper Darby community, and separately, the School District?
We live in a community that is intelligent, artistic, and diversified and the children deserve the best education that can be provided for them. We have dedicated teachers who work hard to bring out the best in our students.

4. What do you see as areas of concern or needed growth of the Upper Darby community, and separately, the School District?
I believe we must reinstate the music and arts program in the elementary schools. Arts Integration should be put aside for now. Teachers must be hired based on their abilities, not on who they know. New ways of funding must be found – some from the State and some by the schools (advertising, etc.). Class sizes should be fair and equitable across the district.

5. Please talk briefly about what you see as three important priorities for education reform at a policy level and your position on these issues.

  1. Music and arts program – These are important for our children to compete in a global economy.
  2. Class size – Smaller sizes for better education.
  3. Less testing – Teaching to the test must end.

6. Please talk about three critical issues you would like to see the School District address over the next couple of years.

  1. Eliminate wasteful spending in the budget.
  2. Eliminate nepotism.
  3. Identify and resolve behavioral issues at the elementary level

7. Is there anything else you would like the voting community to know about you?

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