Your Voice—Your Values—Your Vote

Election day Nov 5, 2013

This year there are four School Board seats up for election.
The members of Upper Darby Parent Coalition encourage all members of the voting public to vote for candidates they believe can make the best decisions for our School District going forward. Being an informed voter is critical.

We are, therefore, excited to present the public with a unique glimpse into who the candidates are. Please click on the name below or use the menu above to view the candidate responses.

Each candidate was sent a brief questionnaire with the same questions, and asked to submit their responses.

Candidates in alphabetical order

Candidate Name Incumbent or Challenger Party Reg.
Maureen Carey Incumbent Republican
Rose Conley Incumbent Republican
Phyllis Fields Challenger Democrat
Stacey Hawley Challenger Democrat
John McMullan Challenger Republican
Rachel Mitchell Challenger Democrat
Manjit “Happy” Singh Challenger Democrat
Earl Toole Incumbent Republican

We ask you to remember that our public schools are of critical importance to the health of our community.  School Board members play a key role in making decisions about the direction our School District takes on issues such as selecting a Superintendent and instituting curricular shifts that affect students and teachers.  The School Board also determines how the District funds its public schools, and that affects all taxpayers in the District.

These decisions help determine the vitality of our community.  Your vote matters. Election Day is Nov 5, 2013.  Visit this page to find your polling place.

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