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3 Responses to What is the point?

  1. Rachel Mitchell says:

    This is the Point!

    This is the point of attending as many School Board Meetings as possible:

    Carey (Maureen Carey, President of School Board Directors) said she viewed 2012-13 as a “transitional year,” when art and music teachers will work in the classroom to deliver their programs there and help classroom teachers learn how to teach the subjects. “Parents are hoping everything can be restored” – the question is ‘Can we sustain it?’ Carey said. “Right now, the answer is ‘No, we cannot.’”

    Upcoming Meetings….

    Please plan to attend the 1st Preliminary Budget Presentation on Wednesday, January 30th at 7:30 in the Upper Darby High School Board Room. The Preliminary Budget will be voted on Tuesday, February 12th during the regular school board meeting which begins at 7:30pm. The public may make comments at the time after the poll vote for the budget or by signing up to speak prior to 7:25pm. Reports and policies are posted the day prior to the meeting on

    Please see the above Blog Post entitled: “School Budget Input”, which details how every member of the Upper Darby Community can participate in the 2013-14 school budget process.

  2. stevenitz says:

    Wow, Mrs Carey really said that in public?

  3. Rachel Mitchell says:

    Yes, when it was announced that the district received extra money and some of the teachers would be reinstated.

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