Whats this all about?

Upper Darby School District School Board hired the District Management Council (DMC) to work with the Upper Darby School District in April 2015 to evaluate allocation of district resources and improve the allocation of resources.

The DMC and the District formed a Guiding Coalition Team to conduct diagnostic studies, evaluate best practices, and help create a detailed action plan. The Guiding Coalition presented to the School Board thoughts about the DMC’s report, “Preliminary Highlights for Discussion,” available here.

Do you have questions/comments about the report?

According to the webpage the District created specifically to communicate information about this process with DMC, Dr. Dunlap has scheduled two meetings specifically to discuss the DMC Report with parents.

Those meetings will be held on Wednesday, February 10th in the high school choir room from 9-10AM and again from 6-7PM in the performing arts center. Input from community members and staff members will also be shared with the Guiding Coalition for consideration as they meet to prepare for a follow up presentation to the school board and public at the February 23rd Education and Pupil Services Committee Meeting.

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